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Why Gravel Driveways are the Best Permeable Paving Solution

Driveway pavers combined with gravel can create a fantastic aesthetic for homes and also create a permeable surface reducing localised flooding. Driveway pavers contain the gravel which stops compaction whilst maintaining the permeability of the gravel driveway for decades to come. There are other benefits for installing a permeable paving solution too, so you can rest easy knowing it is a great choice for your property and the environment.

Lower your costs. Installing a gravel driveway with recycled plastic pavers, you are reducing water runoff because of its permeable surface. Alternatively, a concrete slap driveway increases stormwater runoff, which by council legislation will require extra stormwater drainage to be installed on your property, a cost that falls on the property owner.

Failed or clogged drains mean that water can pool up onto the concrete slab and put pressure on the waterproofing. The worst-case scenario could lead to flooding of the property. If this happens, again and again, over time, it can cause irreparable damage to the slab. By installing a gravel driveway supported by pavers instead of a sealed concrete driveway, you can reduce the risk of flooding and damage to the slab by directing water back into the earth.

Reduce maintenance. When cars drive over gravel the tyres, they push the gravel sideways creating a rut and displacing the gravel. EconoGrid 40 plastic pavers will hold the gravel in place and stop ruts forming. This reduces the need to purchase more gravel to fill in the ruts and eliminates the time spent pushing the gravel back into place. Pavers also bear the weight of the vehicles which stops the compaction of the gravel, enabling rainwater to infiltrate into the ground below the gravel. This reduces costly drainage systems and the expense of maintaining them.

Gravel driveways have practical and environmental benefits so why not talk to one of our team at All Stakes Supply today to see what solution will work best for your home. Contact us on 1300 130 123, to talk to an experienced team member.

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