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Which Grass, Turf or Gravel Reinforcement is Right for You?

Grass, turf and gravel reinforcement are increasingly in demand landscape supplies in Sydney, customers are looking for a grass surface that is both natural-looking and durable. While you may have needs for durable and strong surfaces on your property, councils generally require a percentage of your commercial or residential property to be soft landscape. Grass reinforcement is a great middle road.

Grass, turf and gravel reinforcement is durable, reliable and very often it can be made to look so inconspicuous you wouldn't even know it was there unless you looked for it, the only problem is picking which solution is right for you.

Turf and grass reinforcement meshes are designed with high density recycled plastics, to allow for light traffic.  Turf and grass reinforcement mesh help to reduce wear, rutting and damage by spreading loads and creating a stronger root base.

They also have the benefit of retaining a natural, structure-free grass cover. The plastic mesh inconspicuously disappears into the grass or turf producing a near-invisible reinforced natural looking grass surface.  While not as durable, turf and grass meshes are a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution compared to plastic paving grids and they are ideal for permanent and temporary applications.

It is suitable for quickly assembled car parks, pedestrian walkways, wheelchair access routes, and it will stop dogs and pets from scratching or digging up the turf.

Grass and gravel paving grids are a step up from reinforcement meshes, they are harder to install, requiring that they are installed before the grass and gravel, but they are also much more durable, providing load-bearing assistance and a longer-term solution to ground reinforcement. These paving grids cannot be used in conjunction with turf.

Costing less than concrete and being pervious means that grass and gravel paving grids can often help you green up your landscape and comply with soft landscaping regulations.

The indent cell design in grass paving grids allows grass runners to grow from cell to cell resulting in stronger and thicker grass surface.

These paving grids can have inbuilt water retention cups incorporated into their design, which helps stimulate grass growth.

Heavy-duty paving grids such as TruckGrid and TruckGrid Max is the heavy-duty solution designed for heavy-weight and industrial uses. These heavy-duty grids use pavers generally filled with gravel to create a surface that is both permeable and capable of withstanding heavy loads.

The hexagonal pavers have thick 5mm cell walls and interlock to provide structural integrity, they are capable of withstanding 10 tonnes per wheel. Heavy-duty paving grids are robust and have long lifespans allowing for repeated industrial use.

To find out more about our grass reinforcement products, including park on grass solutions, visit or contact All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123.

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