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What are Survey Pegs, and How Are They Used?

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In the world of construction, landscaping, and environmental planning, precision isn't just a requirement—it's the foundation of success. Enter the humble yet indispensable tool in achieving this precision: the survey peg. Often overlooked, survey pegs play a pivotal role in the accurate mapping and delineation of land boundaries, construction sites, and project planning areas. But what exactly are survey pegs, and how are they wielded to such great effect in these fields? This article delves into the essence of survey pegs, unraveling their definition, types, and the critical role they play in various industries. Whether you're a professional in the field or simply curious about the nuts and bolts of construction and land management, understanding survey pegs offers valuable insights into the unseen work that shapes our environment.

What are boundary survey pegs?

The most common question that we get asked is, what is a boundary peg?

A boundary peg is a hardwood stake that is placed at each corner of your property. And it is set down by the surveyor. It is used to indicate the boundary line between your parcel of land and the ones adjacent to it.

Boundary survey pegs are made from hardwood. And they are dipped in oil based outdoor paint on the top half of the peg. This reduces the rate of decay on the peg.

The peg is hammered deeply into the ground, leaving the top of it sitting at ground level. However, it can sometimes be slightly above or below.

Can I remove boundary pegs?

Many people don’t realise that it is illegal to remove or reposition a boundary peg.  Only a licenced surveyor is allowed to do so.

There are some instances where a peg may be removed or moved. And installing a boundary fence or retaining wall is one of them.

However, it is best to check the rules and regulations in your state and ask your fencing contractor or builder for advice.

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Indicator Survey Pegs

When your block has been surveyed, you will be able to see taller, thinner indicator survey pegs sticking out of the ground. These pegs are true to their name. They are used to indicate where the survey pegs have been installed so you can easily spot them.

Don’t worry if these indicator pegs are removed or go missing. They are only used as a guide and are not required by law to remain in the ground.

What to do if your boundary pegs are missing

If you are thinking of or has already started construction on your block, and have noticed your boundary pegs are missing or have been moved, it’s important to contact your builder or site manager immediately.

In some instances, if your survey pegs have been removed, you may need to have your site re-surveyed. And this can be expensive.

It is recommended that you use a temporary fence on your property. This is to contain the area and prevent theft of your survey pegs and other valuable things.

Survey pegs from All Stakes Supply

For over 30 years, All Stake Supply has been the leading supplier of hardwood stakes and pegs.

Our Boundary Survey Pegs include point, paint & chamfer and come in 3 sizes: 75mm x 50mm x 0.3m (Pack of 12), 75mm x 50mm x 0.35m (Pack of 12) and 75mm x 50mm x 0.4m (Pack of 6).

We also have a range of dumpies survey pegs, available painted or unpainted.

In addition, we also stock quality hardwood graded survey pegs that can be used for ground markings on most construction jobs. They come in coloured tops or painted white that makes pen marking easier.

If you are looking for a peg supplier for your property, or have any questions about our range of survey pegs, contact our knowledgeable team on 1300 130 123 to discuss your needs.

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