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How to Regulate Root Growth with Root Barriers

Benefits of root barrier installation

Root barriers are reliable and trustworthy measures to control root growth.

Numerous Australian trees take in a lot of water when faced with hot, dry conditions. This means that once the water is depleted from one part of the soil, roots will begin to spread to other areas to obtain more water.

This dispersion of roots can cause significant damage to other plants, walls, footpaths, driveways, and foundation structures. To prevent damage from root systems, install a root barrier.

Keep reading to learn more about this versatile product.

How Root barriers combat invasive roots

Invasive tree roots are a common problem for both residential and commercial settings.

Roots grow and spread to places where they can become a hazard and damage critical structures. Removing trees and root systems that have been left unchecked could be costly and time-consuming. It’s better to seize authority over the growth pattern of these roots sooner than later.

If invasive roots are an issue you often deal with, root barriers are your new best friend.

This exceptionally versatile and worthwhile product is lightweight and easy to install. The flexible high-density membrane forms an impenetrable barrier around tree roots when installed, this effectively prevents excessive moisture and dampness.

It is a flexible solution for root problems and maintenance is a breeze.

It is a far less expensive countermeasure to invasive root growth compared to more difficult solutions such as sheet metal and concrete.

Cultivating a healthy root system

Tree root barriers help cultivate a healthy and tame root system by diverting and directing the root growth in a safe direction.

It helps stop the spread of roots to unwanted areas and reduces damage to walkways, driveways, garden beds, roads, and infrastructures.

Root barrier is joined by butyl tape to form a tight seal, blocking moisture and vapour. It is UV-stabilised with high-density polyethylene to ensure long-term protection that will keep your root system in check and healthy.

Root barrier control is easy to install, can be cut to shape, and is a cost-effective solution that will help keep a structure stable and eliminate the threat to property.

Root barriers and complimentary revegetation products

For maximum benefit, use a combination of revegetation products to conserve your trees and protect your property.

Tree guards are perfect for young saplings by protecting new trees from pests, vermin, herbicides, and wildlife attacks.

This product is used along with root barriers to protect your tree from underground up.

Root barriers and complimentary revegetation products
Root barriers and complimentary revegetation products

Jute matting is an environmentally friendly way to protect your trees and shrubs during initial establishment. It helps retain moisture in the soil and reduces evaporation, increasing the health and size of young trees.

For more information on root barriers and revegetation products, contact All Stake Supply today on 1300 130 123 to chat about your landscaping needs.

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