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How to Promote Plant Growth

Your landscape deserves the best growth and maintenance possible – and that is only going to happen with the right care and attention.

At All Stake Supply, we understand that different gardens need different things and that there is a myriad of ways to help promote the growth of plant life.

In this blog, we discuss some key ways to help your garden grow!

Australia is a wonderful country for having a garden or landscape. Our climate is ideal for a variety of different types of exotic and vibrant plant life.

For the best landscape experience, be sure you understand the best way to take care of whatever plants you intend on using. Knowing the amount of water, sunlight or space that specific flora requires will go a long way into ensuring they grow most effectively.

One of the main troubles with landscaping in Australia are weeds. You can have a great lot of land with various species, but if you have weeds, you will notice a negative impact on your plants and trees.

This is why we recommend jute matting. This product is an organic geotextile which aids in weed and erosion control. It is environmentally friendly and protects young trees and shrubs by reducing competing weeds and the need to use damaging herbicide.

Jute Matting

Not only does it help fight against weeds naturally and cleanly – it also aids in preventing land erosion, which is one of the most significant problems with landscaping maintenance.

For land erosion control, we have a few products that are highly effective such as coir matting. No matter what the restoration project is—whether big or small, commercial or residential—coir matting is ideal.

Coir Matting

It is an open-weaved sheet of 100% biodegradable natural coconut fibre thread. Weaving the product gives it additional strength against land erosion and makes it last longer than other erosion control products.

Because of the weave design, plants still have room and space to grow freely while receiving enough water and being protected from weeds and erosion.

Another useful and essential method of helping your landscape reach its full potential are root barriers. This method helps prevent the roots of new or existing trees from spreading unnecessarily, which can cause a lot of damage to pipes, homes or other plants.

Root Barrier

All of these products are simple to install and are safe for the environment. They are long-lasting and ideal for any landscape restoration or growth project.

At All Stake Supply, we offer practical, environmentally conscious solutions. For more information about the products or tips mentioned in this article, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1300 130 123 or visit the links.

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