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Troforte Professional Landscape Trees & Shrubs 6m - 20kg Bag

This premium slow-release fertiliser is specifically designed to nourish a wide range of tree and shrub species, ensuring robust growth and vibrant foliage.

Product Details

Optimal Nutrition for Trees and Shrubs

Troforte Professional Landscape Trees & Shrubs 9m is a specialized fertiliser crafted to enhance the growth and health of your landscape’s woody plants. Packaged in a convenient 20kg bag, this slow-release formula provides sustained nutrition over 6 months, ideal for professional landscaping applications and serious gardeners.



Tailored Formulation: Specifically designed for the nutritional needs of a broad range of tree and shrub species, promoting healthy growth from root to canopy.

Slow-Release Nutrients: Ensures a steady supply of essential nutrients over 6 months, reducing the need for frequent reapplication and supporting continuous growth.

Rich Microbial Content: Infused with beneficial microbes that improve soil structure, enhance nutrient absorption, and increase resistance to stress and disease.

Easy Application: The granular formula is simple to apply and integrates seamlessly into the soil, providing immediate and long-term benefits.



Enhanced Plant Vigor: Encourages stronger root development, healthier foliage, and more prolific blooming in flowering shrubs.

Long-Term Health: By providing nutrients gradually, this fertilizer helps plants withstand environmental stresses and grow more robustly.

Economical: The concentrated, slow-release formula makes this a cost-effective choice for large-scale applications, covering extensive areas with each bag.

Environmentally Friendly: Supports sustainable gardening practices with its eco-safe ingredients and the promotion of soil health.



Commercial Landscaping: Ideal for maintaining parks, corporate campuses, and public gardens where healthy trees and shrubs are crucial to landscape aesthetics.

Residential Gardens: Perfect for homeowners looking to enhance the growth and appearance of their ornamental and functional shrubbery.

Urban Greening Projects: Supports the vitality of urban trees and shrubs, contributing to greener, more sustainable city environments.

Reforestation and Rehabilitation: Useful in reforestation projects and habitat rehabilitation, providing the foundational nutrients needed for successful plant establishment.

Choose Troforte Professional Landscape Trees & Shrubs 6m for your landscaping needs and witness a visible enhancement in plant health and landscape beauty. This advanced fertilizer is your partner in nurturing a thriving, resilient green space.

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