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Perlite Medium 400 - 100 Litre Bag

Improve your planting results with our Perlite Medium 400. This 100-litre bag of perlite enhances soil aeration and drainage, making it ideal for potting mixes, seed starting, and hydroponic gardening.

Product Details

Enhance Plant Health with Optimal Soil Conditions

Our Perlite Medium 400 is a premium soil amendment designed to help you achieve better growth and healthier plants. Packaged in a convenient 100-litre bag, this medium-grade perlite is essential for gardeners looking to improve their soil structure and plant vitality.



Improved Aeration: Perlite’s porous nature helps to aerate the soil, allowing oxygen to penetrate the roots, which is vital for healthy growth.

Enhanced Drainage: Reduces soil compaction and improves drainage, helping to prevent waterlogging and root diseases in your plants.

Thermal Insulation: Helps maintain soil temperature, protecting root systems from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Lightweight: Perlite is incredibly light, making it easy to mix with other potting materials and handle during garden setup.



Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of gardening applications, including container gardening, seed starting, and cuttings, as well as part of a hydroponic growing system.

pH Neutral: Perlite is pH neutral, which means it won’t alter soil chemistry and can be used with a wide range of plants.

Sustainable Gardening: Enhances water retention in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering and promoting more sustainable water use.

Non-Toxic: Safe to use in any gardening environment, and does not degrade over time, providing long-lasting benefits.



Potting Mixes: Ideal for blending into potting soils for container plants to ensure they receive the oxygen and moisture they need without the risk of root rot.

Seed Starting: Provides an excellent growing medium for seedlings by maintaining moisture and allowing roots to develop without resistance.

Root Cuttings: Supports healthy root formation and growth in cuttings, encouraging quicker establishment and robust plants.

Hydroponics: An effective component in hydroponic systems, ensuring good root aeration and moisture availability.

Utilize Perlite Medium 400 to optimize your gardening practices, whether you’re growing in traditional soil beds or exploring hydroponic systems. This 100-litre bag of perlite offers the perfect blend of soil enhancement features to help your plants thrive in any setting.

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