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Grass Reinforcement

Strengthen and stabilize your ground surfaces with our Grass Reinforcement solutions, ideal for preventing soil erosion and improving substrate stability in high-traffic areas.

Steel Fastening Pins 170 x 75mm - 50 Pack


EconoGrid40 Porous Paving System 1m²


GR11 Grass Reinforcement Mesh 1m x 10m


Steel Fastening Pins 200 x 35mm - 150 Pack


Steel Fastening Pins 150 x 30mm - 500 Pack


Miracell Ground Reinforcement Honeycomb Grid 2.44m x 12.2m


TR4 Turf Reinforcement Mesh 2m x 30m


TR4 Turf Reinforcement Mesh 1m x 10m


GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh 2m x 20m


GR11 Grass Reinforcement Mesh 2m x 20m


Steel Fastening Pins 300 x 50mm - 150 Pack


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