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The Problems with Invasive Root Growth

Your landscape from above may look beautiful and lush, but what happens underneath the soil is just as important. The root systems of your plant life, if not controlled, can cause tremendous damage. Let’s talk about some of the negative impacts of invasive roots and how to mitigate them.

The nature of invasive roots

Tree root systems vary depending on the type of tree. Some have shallow roots that spread far and even appear above ground. Others have deep roots that can burrow and can be found in underground pipes or swimming pools. This happens because roots are on the hunt for nutrients and water for the plant and spread out to provide stability. They move and travel depending on their needs and what is efficient for them.

Invasive root growth

Roots that spread don’t choose their path based on what is convenient for our homes, pipes and property. This often means poorly planned landscaping can lead footpaths to shift, less dominant plants be overtaken and even cause pipes to burst or be crushed.

Water is one of the essential needs of life for humans and plants. Studies have shown that even water that is carried through pipes can attract the roots of plants. So, it doesn’t fully matter if your home is properly built and irrigated. If potentially invasive roots are nearby, then they could seek out your underground pipes.

How to deal with invasive roots

Our landscapes should be full of life, with various trees and plant varieties. But with these plants comes the hazard of their roots tunnelling to places they shouldn’t. Don’t fear, though! You can have a beautiful garden and contain the root systems to where they need to be.

One main method of containing roots are root barriers. As the name describes, it is an underground barrier for your plant’s roots. This allows the plant to grow and thrive without the roots wandering wherever they please.

Root barrier

Root barriers are made from high-quality polythene membranes and are placed either around the entire plant or just a single side. This depends on what areas need protecting from roots.

The root barrier is installed underground so you don’t have any ugly features sticking out of your garden. This barrier leads the roots to grow downward. Also, it prevents them from spreading out and keeps them from growing under infrastructure.

Don’t let invasive roots take over your property. Understand that they can be very dangerous and costly if not dealt with, so it’s important to get in early and take charge of your land!

If you’re looking to purchase this landscaping solution or you require installation guidance and more information, check out our root barrier page. You can also give us a call at 1300 130 123 and talk to our friendly, educated staff to assist you with all your invasive root or lawn supplies.

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