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Parramatta Park Trust, Grass Reinforcement

Parramatta Park Trust, Grass Reinforcement

Location: The Crescent Amphitheatre
Product: Grass Reinforcement Mesh standard 2m x 20m
Application: The Crescent Amphitheatre, Parramatta Park
Installed by: Design Landscapes

The Brief

Provide a sustainable and long-lasting solution to maintain grass along sections of Parramatta’s The Crescent Amphitheatre. Grass Reinforcement Solution needs to provide strength and traction for continued use by patrons to the park and allow for service vehicle access during community events without destroying the turf.

The Solution

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a long-lasting, extruded polyethylene mesh made from 20% recyclable material. The oscillated design provides traction and the UV stabilisation gives strength and longevity to the product. It is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete pathways.


For this client, theGrass Reinforcement Mesh was installed differently to our specifications. Existing grass was removed, and Grass Reinforcement Mesh was laid and pinned using Steel Fastening Pins. New Turf was then rolled out and installed on top of the mesh. After a few months of watering and care, the new turf has established and its roots knitted with the mesh, providing a 100% coverage and success rate.

Whilst the application of removing existing turf and relaying new turf over the mesh is not required with this product, the client, in this case, has seen great results. A strong, reinforced grass route and thoroughfare for public use.

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