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Newcastle University, Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Client: Newcastle University
Location: Ourimbah Campus
Product: Turf Reinforcement Mesh
Application: Exercise Track around the perimeters of the University
Installed by: Descas Landscapes

The Brief

Provide a Turf reinforcement solution for the University’s Running track which links exercise stations positioned intermittently along a set route. The grassed track needed to be reinforced so the turf will withstand the constant load received from students walking and running along the exercise route.

The Solution

Turf Reinforcement Mesh. Turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh made from 100% recycled UV stabilized HDPE. The plastic mesh reinforces the turf and is ideal for pedestrian use. It is available in 2m x 30m rolls.


The Product was laid over existing turfed areas and pinned accordingly using Steel Fastening Pins. Within 3 months, the grass has grown and netted well with the mesh. Found to be important was the pinning ratio per m2. The more pins per m2 the better the installation.

Successful installation of Turf Reinforcement Mesh has provided Newcastle University with an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable grassed running track route. It has withstood the frequented student use and remains a well-covered grass area.

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