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How to Maintain Your Driveway Pavers

The first step to making your home an attractive one is getting your driveway right. Driveway care is a lot more important than many people think, and driveways have far more importance in a homes first impression than many people think. Particularly if your driveway consists of a surface like porous pavers, regular maintenance is key in ensuring the overall ambience of your home is a good one.

If your driveway consists of a hard surface like solid concrete or asphalt then it is relatively low maintenance. If it is made of porous pavers, it will require a little more upkeep, but is still fairly easy to keep in good condition.

Regular sweeping of solid surfaced driveways is one of the best ways to keep them looking clean. How often you should do this depends on the environment in which you live. Leaves and so forth may fall quite regularly so you will need to consistently sweep your driveway to keep it looking clean. With porous paver driveways, both sweeping and vacuuming will be required. This will ensure no debris clogs up the drainage of the pavement.

Hosing off solid surfaced driveways, with a high-pressure hose if possible, will keep the driveway clean and ensure stains don’t persist. Watering a porous paver driveway is also a smart option. This will keep the underlying roots nourished as well as promote healthy growth to the grass, particularly if your surface consists of thick grass pavers.

For solid surfaced driveways, weeds and so forth may grow between cracks. Pesticides are a good option in removing these. Once removed, sealing these cracks is a must, preventing this from occurring again, as well as making your driveway easier to clean. For porous pavers, depending on how grassy the surface is, some trimming may be required using a mower or a whipper snipper.

Again, how often you apply these maintenance methods largely depends on the area in which you live. You will know when the area is growing untidy, so clean accordingly. A nice looking driveway will always increase the appeal of a home.

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