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The Importance of Smart Driveway Crossovers

EconoGrid 40 Gravel Driveway

Driveways are a lot more important to a homes overall appearance than many people think. The driveway should always be constructed in a way that compliments the style of the home, as this will create great kerb appeal overall. At All Stake Supply, we’ve got you covered for all environmental terrain solutions, from porous driveway pavers to coir matting.

The driveway crossover – the end of the driveway that meets the road – is a very important part of the driveway. It is to be treated differently when it comes to the construction process, as it is subjected to different conditions. The crossover generally needs to be stronger than the rest of the driveway, as it is the first point of contact for heavy vehicles, as well as the force from these vehicles turning onto the driveway.

Here’s why a smart driveway crossover is so important, and some things you must consider when constructing it.

Understand the guidelines

Every council and shire has a set of guidelines when it comes to driveways and crossovers. While they will generally be similar for each council, it’s important to check the guidelines of your council before you do build a driveway.

Such guidelines can include factors like sizing, materials, colours and so forth. It’s imperative to abide by these guidelines as costs to fix unapproved driveways can be very expensive.

Be smart with your sub-base

The main part of your driveway – as with roads – will likely be laid on top of compacted soil or sand. While this is suitable as a sub-base for these areas, it will not suffice for driveway crossovers. Crossovers need a much stronger sub-base, like limestone for instance. This will allow the crossover to hold, even when very heavy vehicles drive over it.

Choose the right paving

With such a wide range of driveway pavers out there, it can be difficult knowing what style or type to opt for. When it comes to selecting, always consider the weight of vehicles that will be driving over the crossover, and how often these vehicles will be doing so.

It’s very easy to find pavers that will suit your home, so consider these factors and you will have an attractive driveway and crossover in no time.

At All Stake Supply, we’ve got you covered for all environmental terrain solutions from driveways to erosion control. Feel free to call us today on 1300 130 123!

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