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How to Reinforce Your Land for High Traffic

Whether it’s for a driveway, a warehouse carpark or a park or festival, you’ll need to prepare some of the land so that it can sustain the damage that will be dealt by high levels of traffic from both people and vehicles. To make the land suitable for high traffic, it needs to be reinforced. Whether you need grass pavers or any other means of reinforcing land, here are some of the ways that you can reinforce land to prepare it for high traffic.

Installing grass pavers

Often, a large flat grassy area is the perfect place for a carpark for an event, a sports day or a festival. The only issue is that these types of areas contain soft, loamy soil, and having a high amount of either still or moving traffic presents an issue to both the soil and the vehicles. Installing grass pavers is the perfect way to provide strength and stability to the soil, preventing any vehicles from getting stuck and reducing the amount of damage which can be dealt to the soil.

As grass pavers are designed to reinforce the soil, they greatly reduce soil erosion which reduces the environmental impact that your carpark or driveway may have. However, not only do grass pavers reinforce the land, but they also improve water filtration and prevent the loss of rainwater, helping the grass to thrive, despite the presence of high amounts of traffic.

Installing permeable driveways

Concrete carparks and driveways might be a tough and reliable solution to reinforce your land, but not only can they be expensive, but they also retain unwanted heat and water. If your concrete carpark was to retain too much heat or water, it could cause damage, undermining the quality of your carpark.

To provide the land with the strength of a concrete driveway without actually installing a concrete driveway, permeable driveways are the perfect solution. Permeable driveways are made up of many interlocked porous pavers that can be placed underneath grass or loose gravel. They provide the loose ground with the strength of a solid driveway, while still allowing water to pass through, benefitting the soil. If you’re looking to quickly reinforce the land that surrounds your home or business, think permeable driveways.

These are just some of the ways that you can prepare the land for high amounts of traffic. If you’re looking for pavers to reinforce your land, talk to All Stake Supply, one of Sydney’s leaders in erosion control and grass reinforcement. Our friendly team will work with you to make sure you get the right product. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 130 123 today.

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