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How to Completely Remove Invasive Tree Roots

invasive roots

The arborists rule of thumb says tree roots are 1.5 times its height. Tree roots spread outward in search of water and nutrients to maintain growth. While doing this, they can become invasive. And will cause issues to your foundations and driveway.

We will show you how you can get rid of invasive roots. Without removing an established tree.

What are invasive roots?

Roots provide the tree with stability and nutrients. The taller the tree grows, the wider the roots spread.

Invasive roots are when the root system has invaded underneath a structure. The structure could be your house, foot paths or driveway. These roots are strong and can push or lift anything in its path. Including your foundations, concrete slab or retaining wall.

Damage from invasive roots can be expensive. Prevention methods when planting new trees are always best. However, there are options available for established trees.

Fixing invasive roots on an established tree

If you suspect a tree close to your home or other structure has invasive roots, it’s important to act quickly before any damage is caused.

If the tree is large with a well-established root system. It is best to get advice from an arborist before starting.

There are a few options when it comes to correcting invasive roots. One of the most popular is the installation of a root barrier.

A root barrier is installed 600m -1000mm into the ground. Preventing tree roots from growing outwards. Forcing them to grow down and away from areas they could damage.

Depending on the location of the tree, the root barrier can be installed around the tree or along the areas you want to protect. The latter will allow your tree to have room to spread. While still protecting the areas of concern.

fix invasive root

You will need to ensure you prune the roots correctly when you install a root buried around a tree Once you have dug the trench for the barrier, you can use a variety of tools to cut the roots completely.

How to install a root barrier

Installing a root barrier is easy and is a great DIY project. And you can follow these steps below:

  1. Dig a 10cm wide trench around the tree or along the areas you want to protect. You may need a 360* barrier OR just a single side barrier. This will depend on your tree location and where you wish to prevent root growth.
  2. The depth of the trench should be from 600mm to 1000mm, depending on how aerated the soil is. Few roots grow below 1000mm.
  3. Once you dig the trench, insert the root barrier, flat against the side of the trench wall. Ensure that50mm of the barrier is exposed. This allows for settlement.
  4. If placing the root barrier in a 360* circle around the root ball, use Butyl tape to join each end.
  5. Fill in the trench with soil, compacting the dirt.
  6. Place the lawn or alternative topping back over the compacted soil trench.
  7. Trim the barrier if needed. This is to ensure it doesn’t interfere with lawnmowers or the look of the garden. Make sure the top of the barrier is still visible.

A root barrier is an easy solution to get rid of invasive roots for good. Our barrier system will reduce damage to your home and infrastructure. It is made of UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene. And is easy to install and is cost effective.

To find out more about invasive root prevention techniques methods, contact All Stake Supply. We will provide the best advice and products for your invasive root problem. Contact us today on 1300 130 123.

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