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How Garden Stakes Protect Your Plants

Just like people, plants need a little support now and then. Plants go through phases where they will derive different benefits from staking. Here are four examples of how simple garden stakes will benefit your garden.

Structural Support

If your plants are looking droopy or slumped you should assist their development by staking them up until their next growth spurt evens out their branches and they can support themselves again.

A common example of this is capsicum plants. They have a sturdy wooden stem that is capable of supporting itself. However, in their first few fruiting seasons before their stem has thickened enough they need garden stakes to help deal with the added weight of the capsicums. It is best to use a loose tie on the stake so the movement of the stem in the wind will promote growth and a strong calliper.

Safety Support

Some plants tend to grow wherever they please. This is a great sign of a healthy plant but it can also be a problem if the plant is overtaking other viable plants in the garden. This is when staking can come in handy to ensure that the plant is contained to its specific space and does not constrict other plants

Vine based plants like winter squash, beans and peas are notorious for choking out other plants nearby. To stake these plants you can use a trellis or a tall cage-like structure. This will train the plant to grow up not out, saving your other plants nearby.

Health Support

Diseases and pests can impact the health of plants if they are sprawled on the ground. Using garden stakes to keep plants off the ground, away from hungry pests and mould will ensure the plant stays healthy.

Cucumbers and zucchinis often suffer from bad health as they grow and fruit on the ground. This brings mice and other pests into your garden that brings along diseases and causes damage to plants. To avoid this, you can use stakes or a trellis to keep the fruit off the ground. It is best to use a thick timber stake and train the plant to grow around it.

 Add support to your plants by using garden stakes, coir matting and other grass reinforcement products. For more information or to order online, visit our website. We stock a wide range of garden stakes and other landscape supplies.

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