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Everything to Know About Grass Reinforcement

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Does the grass on your home or commercial property get more traffic than the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Don’t put up with patchy, worn-out turf. Find your solution with grass reinforcement.

That’s right, by reinforcing your grass you can preserve and maintain your fresh, green lawn.

What is grass reinforcement?

From trade vehicles to cars, vans, heavy emergency vehicles and forklifts, grass reinforcement will protect your lawn from the wear and tear that these heavy-duty vehicles can cause.

This turf reinforcement will strengthen your lawn, allowing you to better utilise the area without causing any damage.

Grass reinforcement is a great environmentally (and cost) friendly alternative to concrete. It is suitable for domestic driveways, car parks, overflows, pathways, emergency access and routes, even the local golf club can benefit.

How does it work?

The process is totally simple. The grass reinforcement mesh is placed on top of the existing lawn (just be sure to have it neatly trimmed) and then pinned into the ground. No soil removal or excavation is necessary!

What we love most is that you can still enjoy a lush and functional lawn, but now with added strength and grit.

The 100% eco-friendly solution is made with UV-stabilised materials. This factor makes grass reinforcement not only kind to the environment but also your budget.

What’s it means for parking my car?


Strengthen your lawn without compromising on its polished finish with grass reinforcement.

Reinforcing your grass will not only allow you and guests to freely park your car, boat or caravan on it without causing damage, but it also has a host of other benefits.

Grass reinforcement on your lawn prevents it from getting muddy. It also allows kids and pets to play freely, stabilises the soil for healthy grass growth and still permits you to easily mow your lawn.


Having ample parking is important for any business. By adding protective grass reinforcement to your lawn, you're able to have vehicles of any size park safely and without causing damage.

Looking for a trusted and reliable terrain solution? Turn to All Stake Supply to help give your lawn strength and durability that’ll withstand the toughest of vehicles. Call us on 1300 130 123 for enquiries or visit our website to browse our products.

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