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What are the Effects of Soil Erosion?

What are the effects of soil erosion

Healthy and vibrant soil is super important to many individuals, communities and countries that care about proper land management.

However, soil erosion threatens vegetation growth and can also cause pollution and affect water quality. It is a vital area of landscaping that we must understand, control and mitigate.

At All Stake Supply, we not only understand the importance of erosion control, but we also offer solutions, instruction and services to help offset soil erosion.

Effects of soil erosion

Soil that erodes and gets carried or deposited into streams and rivers can cause pollution or lower water quality. This endangers the native fish species due to the lowering of oxygen in the water.

Furthermore, the danger increases when pesticides or fertilisers are applied on land, and that contaminated soil is transported to water sources.

Also, as soil erodes, it can create cracks. It allows more sunlight to penetrate, increasing the chance of algal and bacterial growth. This can have a huge impact on aquatic life.

One more thing to keep in mind is that when erosion occurs, the integrity of the landscape is weakened, which can lead to mudslides and structural problems. This becomes a major issue when large or populated areas are affected.

Mudslides can destroy – and when an area’s integrity is compromised, it can be almost impossible to build, farm or utilise the land.

Another impact of soil erosion is that the health of the soil is degraded.

Much-needed nutrients and minerals can easily be removed when the topsoil is washed away. This makes the land infertile or not as productive as it possibly could be.

As a result, vegetation could suffer, which in turn can cause more erosion.

Besides the immense financial cost that erosion can have for people, it can destroy habitats and also create unnecessary labour.

Finding natural solutions for soil erosion is essential – and we have you covered.

How to mitigate soil erosion

Products such as jute and coir matting, silt fence and sandbags are all excellent methods of erosion control.

If you aren’t familiar with these, keep reading below.

Jute matting

Jute matting - An organic geotextile which helps young trees and shrubs by reducing competing weeds. It still allows the soil beneath to breathe whilst promoting growth and stabilising the soil.

Coir matting

Coir matting - Made from coconut fibre, coir matting is 100% biodegradable and its weaved design adds additional strength to landscapes. It is designed to be a permanent installation. After the ground cover has been established, the coir matting will biodegrade.

Silt fence

Silt fence - Silt fence is a 77cm-high, weaved mesh supported by steel or timber posts. Its role in preventing soil erosion is to stop and collect sediment being carried downhill by surface water, whilst allowing the water to pass through the fence at a lower velocity.


Sandbags - These items are especially beneficial to construction or civil worksites and can aid in acting as temporary retaining walls to help control flooding. Functioning as physical barriers, sandbags can help stabilise soil and prevent sediment travel.

These are just some of the basic, yet most effective erosion control products available.

At All Stake Supply, we understand the value and importance of maintaining landscape using natural and sustainable methods.

Don’t let erosion ruin your property. Fight it today with us! For more information about soil erosion and how you can prevent it, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 1300 130 123.

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