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Eco-Friendly and Affordable Driveway Alternatives

affordable driver alternatives

Driveways not only need to be functional, but they also need to compliment your house's façade.  Nowadays, traditional concrete driveways are fast becoming outdated.

Concrete is a structurally sturdy material; however, it does have many drawbacks such as:

  • Hot under your feet
  • Requires drainage installation
  • Prevents natural water flow
  • Will crack over time
  • Expensive

There are many alternatives to a concrete driveway and we are going. In this blog, we’ll explore turf and gravel driveways that will be structurally sound and also pleasing to the eye. Keep reading to explore the driveway paving different options.

Turf driveways

Imagine having a completely invisible driveway. You have a beautiful, lush front lawn with no visible hard surfaces at all; but it is completely safe to drive your car into the driveway or park on without damaging your grass. Here’s the secret, Econogrid Pavers, also known as Turf reinforcement mesh.

turf driveways

Econogrid Pavers are permeable mesh made from 100% recycled plastics. When laid, it allows grass to grow through the paver leaving a strong structure underneath that can withstand the weight of a bus. This driveway paving option allows you to have a completely invisible driving surface and prevents damage to the grass root system and the ground surface underneath.

Gravel driveways

Gravel driveways are not only great for long driveways and roads, but they are also a perfect solution for heavy water flow properties. When you think of gravel driveways, you probably visualize road base material with no defined edges that eventually spreads outwardly over time, requiring top ups and regular maintenance.

Econogrids lock together to create a solid base that can be filled with gravel, providing a tidy solution that will prevent gravel spread. It requires little maintenance and is strong enough to withstand heavy traffic.

Econogrid installation

The interlocking pavers are designed for DIY installation and comply with council soft landscaping requirements.

Depending on the area you are working with, you will more than likely need to excavate the ground and prepare a level base. Commonly, a bedding layer such as crusher dust is ideal for the Econogrid pavers to lay on.

Place the pavers on the prepared bedding by interlocking them in place. If required, the pavers can be cut to fit using an angle grinder or circular saw.

When your pavers are in place, spread an even layer of gravel into the holes of the Econogrid and over the top to cover the surface completely.


If you want a grass finish, there are a few more easy steps you may need to follow to ensure strong growth of your grass, with less maintenance long term. Talk to our team at All Stake Supply, who can advise you on the installation requirements for your project.

Driveway installations no longer need to be hard landscaping jobs that break the renovation budget. Using permeable driveway pavers is a great solution and will ensure your driveway is structurally sound and will last long after your neighbour's concrete driveway has cracked and been replaced.

Are you interested in organising one of these driveway alternatives? Call All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123 and talk to one of our expert consultants on the right products for your driveway project.

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