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Pavers vs Gravel for Driveway Surfaces

As two of the most common driveway surfaces available, the choice for many a driveway owner when resurfacing this part of their property will come down to two – gravel or pavers.

Gravel and driveway pavers offer two very different solutions to the same problem. But which of these solutions is right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each, to get a better understanding of which driveway surface will best serve your needs.

Driveway pavers

Driveway pavers are generally made out of concrete and are set in place much like bricks in a wall.



A beautiful option

A variety of colours can be used and patterns created with concrete pavers, and they make for a clean and neat look.

Low maintenance

Once the pavers have been set in place you can expect that they’ll need nothing more than a sweep or a spray down for years – even decades – to come.


A large upfront cost

When compared to gravel, the cost to lay concrete pavers is rather large.

Difficult to fix and replace

When pavers begin to crack they can be difficult, and thus expensive, to replace. A paved surface is also prone to form dips and troughs over time.


Gravel driveways are simply those which utilise loose rocks and stones as a surface material.



The raw materials needed to construct a gravel driveway are particularly inexpensive, and you can easily do the job yourself without expert help.

Easy repair

Because gravel is a loose material, dips and troughs that might form in the surface can simply be raked away.


Rain on your gravel can filter through the surface and into your property’s water table. This also serves to simultaneously clean the gravel.


More maintenance

As loose material gravel will need more maintenance than concrete pavers to look its best. You may need to even the surface out from time to time.

Added dirt and dust

The movement of a vehicle over gravel can serve to kick up dirt, dust and mud onto vehicles and your property, necessitating more cleaning.

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