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How to Choose a Porous Paver

If you’re in the process of installing a driveway, carpark or just any hard surface for any reason, you may have come across porous pavers. Also known as permeable pavers, they’re the best way to care for the environment whilst providing a solid foundation for your vehicles and a nice-looking surface.

As opposed to concrete, gravel or normal-paved driveways, porous pavers are a great choice as they reduce stormwater runoff by allowing the water to pass through the surface and into the underlying growth, nourishing the roots and so forth.

Below, we’ll talk about the different kinds of porous pavers and help you select the correct one.

TruckGrid Max

The TruckGrid Max surface is a very durable one that can handle the heavy tension imposed by hefty vehicles and their movements. The pavers are very hard-wearing, provide quality drainage and have quite a long lifetime. Generally filled with either gravel or a sand/soil mixture to have a grassy finish, these pavers can suit any style you’re looking for.

Made from 100% recycled plastics, the TruckGrid Max surface is suitable for areas like truck parks, industrial yards, carparks, and loading bays. So, if you’re after a surface for an area of this nature, TruckGrid Max is a good choice.


TruckGrid porous pavers are very heavy grids designed to hold heavy traffic of all kinds. Usually filled with gravel, these pavers provide a surface that allows water to pass through whilst having the strength to withstand heavy vehicles.

If you’re wanting a surface for outside storage areas, coach and bus parking, HGV loading areas or something similar, TruckGrid pavers are the way to go.


EconoGrid40 pavers are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to concrete and asphalt. The deep cells of the grid massively protect the grassroots from damage and offer a very thick external grass coverage, so look great for natural-looking themes.

These permeable driveways are suitable for parking areas, nature strips, caravan parks, and emergency vehicle access areas. They’re great for all kinds of traffic, whether it be pedestrians, cars or heavy vehicles. If this seems like the sort of area you’re looking to surface, then EconoGrid40 is a great choice.

Hopefully, you can now make an educated choice when selecting porous pavers for your next surface. They are excellent for the environment, so they’re an ideal choice.

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