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Tips for Planting Winter Vegetables

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The cooler season can be a tough time for plants and vegetables. It takes extra work to give them the sufficient nutrients, protection and care to survive.

A well-producing winter vegetable garden requires proper planning. Some of the factors to consider are location, types of crops and level of protection.

Keeping your garden going through the winter gives you fresh home-grown edibles. If you are looking into wintertime planting, here are some tips on how to produce brilliant crops.

1. Clear the landscape beds

Your garden bed is the first thing you have to clear out when planting new seeds for winter. To do this, pull out any weeds you see with your hand or using a hoe.

Don't forget pests such as slugs and snails. Remove any slug eggs from the soil immediately so they won’t ruin young seedlings.

Increase the fertility of the soil before planting by adding lime, a clay breaker or an organic fertiliser such as blood and bone.

2. Choose suitable crops to grow

Choose your crops depending on your area and typical weather. Some ideal vegetables are broad beans, English spinach, green beans, garlic, lettuce, and onions.

When planting, use supports and dividers if needed such as timber edging, tree guards, and garden stakes to help your winter vegetables grow better.

3. Pinch off excess foliage and flowering on your existing vegetables

Snipping off extra leaves and flowers allow plants to use their energy on producing food. Reduce crowding by removing deformed or unhealthy produce. Also, remove any growth that crosses through the centre of the plant, and leave only the strong stems.

Once vegetables are planted give them a regular dose of TerramForm Ocean Complex (a seaweed solution available from All Stake Supply).

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