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Three Reasons to Install Grass Pavers

Grass Pavers (also known as porous pavers) are a blend of natural grass and partial paving that aims to create an ideal blend for high use areas like driveways and pathways. This combination of grass and pavers means the ground is reinforced for parking and also retains the beautiful green that grass brings. Read on for our three reasons to install grass pavers.

Environmental Impact

Grass pavers do their bit for the environment by reducing stormwater runoff, increasing the hydrology of the earth and reducing sediment and pollutants flowing in the water catchment systems. Having a grassed carpark that is permeable and moist rather than concrete which is impermeable and dry reduces the urban heat bubble. This helps nearby vegetation in the hot summer months by reducing the surface temperature stemming from covered surfaces that retain the heat from the sun.

The porous pavers stop vehicles creating ruts and soil compaction. Grass coverage is poor in these areas which enables soil erosion to take hold. Porous pavers increase grass coverage and thickness reducing sediment and dirt being wash into our rivers and creeks.


Grass pavers need little maintenance once they are laid and will last significantly longer than a concrete slab. A sealed driveway will eventually crack and need to be replaced which adds to maintenance and repair costs - unlike grass pavers that expand and contract with the weather. These pavers will last longer and be less likely to crack as they are lower set and evenly disperse the weight of cars.


The aesthetic appeal of grass pavers has increased as more and more people realise the practical benefits. Visually we are turning a traditional area (the carpark space) from unsightly concrete to a beautiful grassed area. This grassed area will also add value to your home by maximising limited space.

Grass Pavers are a great way to help the environment, save yourself time and add value to your house. Get in touch with one of our team members or visit our website to find out more about our pavers for your home.

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